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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cupcake Bridal Shower

I am so excited that our busy season is approaching once again! Yes, that means a lot of work but it is truly always a good time. This afternoon Paulette and I hosted a Cupcake Bridal Shower at The Urban Gypsy with hopes that everyone agreed with, "Who doesn't love cupcakes?" It's true-we all love cupcakes. The event was so fun and we met with new and exciting vendors and new and exciting brides-to-be! (Those are always my personal favorite haha)
We had decorated the shop with delicious cupcakes and a mini candy buffet (which I forgot to take a picture of now that I think of it). We had a pastel color theme to pump ourselves up for the soon to be Spring weather Pittsburgh will be blessed with and pink lemonade to add to the ambiance, of course. We invited several new, old, and hopefully soon to be brides! I ate about 5 cupcakes in addition to the large amounts of lemonade and candy so just and fyi I feel extremely sick at the moment! Haha- I swear as women we do these things knowing it's going to be a bad outcome. I was sticking with the "who doesn't love cupcakes" slogan. Duh.
I'm currently working with Paulette on a fashion show in time for prom season!!! I want to work with a few additional vendors with that as well. I think we could definitely make it a hit! So I'll be posting about that shortly.
Word to the wise, everyone-if you can't decide on cake flavors and layers and blah blah blah....cupcakes never fail! Here are some photos I took from today!

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