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Saturday, January 28, 2012

51 ways to have a chic wedding!

My aunt is so thrifty and smart. She posted this to me on Facebook and I wanted to share with everyone else! Weddings are a time to spend money-we all know this, but here's 51 ways to spend less and look fabulous. I shop at the dollar bin at Target (not because it's a dollar, but because it's Target and we know we can always trust in Target). I find some really cute and cheaper priced things in those bins. Word to the wise, if you are a fellow scrapbooker like myself-they have packs of backgrounds and stickers ONLY $1!!! What could even be better?

How about 51 ways to shop at the Target dollar bin for your wedding-just kidding...but seriously check out this ebook and available at Amazon for your kindle. It's a good read to keep on hand for all of you brides out there.

If anyone else reads it-give some feedback please!

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